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Prediction: All 32 Team Roster Ratings on Madden 18

Madden 18 is set to release August 25th this year but before that, we wanted to take the time to predict all of the team roster ratings that will initially be released. We will be taking a look at the overall roster strength, incoming rookies and free agent additions when making the assumptions.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: 83

Cincinnati Bengals: 79

Cleveland Browns: 76

Pittsburgh Steelers: 87

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: 77

New England Patriots: 93

New York Jets: 72

Miami Dolphins: 83

AFC South

Houston Texans: 83

Jacksonville Jaguars: 78

Indianpolis Colts: 81

Tennessee Titans: 82

AFC West

Denver Broncos: 81

Kansas City Chiefs: 85

Los Angeles Chargers: 78

Oakland Raiders: 87

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings: 79

Green Bay Packers: 88

Detroit Lions: 84

Chicago Bears: 74

NFC East

New York Giants: 86

Philadelphia Eagles: 83

Washington Redskins 84

Dallas Cowboys: 88

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: 92

Carolina Panthers: 80

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 82

New Orleans Saints: 79

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: 75

Los Angeles Rams: 74

Seattle Seahawks: 90

San Fransisco 49ers: 72

While we still have some time before the rosters officially come out, these are just some predictions as we took a look at some of their offseason moves. The highest teams that I had rated were the reigning champions, New England Patriots and right behind them were the Atlanta Falcons which seem the most likely.

People may look at the Browns prediction and think “That’s too high.” which it might be (76 overall). But, when looking at what they were able to add this offseason in the draft – Myles Garret, Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku alone in the first round. All should be right around 80 in their initial rankings. Plus they had a big boost to their offensive line in free agency and added QB Deshone Kizer in the second round of the draft.

When comparing a team like the 49ers and the Bears, I had the Bears two points higher. This was honestly because of how important the quarterback is to a team. With the Bears selecting Mitchell Trubisky in the first round, this gave them the slight edge for me plus with how dominant Jordan Howard was last year. The Bears also have encouraging pieces on defense such as Leonard Floyd from last year.

If you have any estimates or would like to discuss these rankings, please find me on twitter @JakeeHamilton. I would love to have a conversation. Either way, we are a couple of months out before the new Madden 18 is released. In the upcoming weeks we will hear new information about what the game has to offer and possibly get more looks at the graphics.

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Tony B.
Tony B.
6 years ago

I’ll be happy to see the Dolphins out of the 75-80 range. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Dolphins Legends in MUT (I know off topic but still). Just give us Csonka, Kiick, Morris, Marino, Duper, Thomas, and HoF Jason Taylor please!

Steve D.
Steve D.
6 years ago

When is EA going to release the actual overalls? They were out this time last year.