The ratings system in Madden 20 is receiving a full overhaul! The difference between how an 89 overall player and a 90 overall player is going to be much more pronounced than ever before.

EA Sports is claiming that in Madden 20, you will see some starters with overall ratings in the 50s.


For reference, in previous years it was incredibly hard to find any player, even third stringers or practice squad members, that had ratings below 60 overall.

This news likely means that there will be a lot fewer NFL players that are rated in the 90s. That kind of ranking will now be reserved for the truly elite players.

So when you fire up Madden 20 for the first time on August 2nd, don’t overreact. Just because a player who used to be a 75 overall is now a 55 overall doesn’t mean that he got significantly worse in the offseason. It just means that EA Sports has adjusted the ratings scale so that everyone isn’t bunched up between 70-99.

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