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Offensive Impact Players Who Changed Teams In Madden 18

The new NFL season is here, and free agent players are signing with new teams. That means your favorite team might look a lot different when Madden 18 comes out this August. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up with all of the moves in both free agency and the draft. No worries, we’ve put together a list of offensive impact players who changed teams in Madden 18.  

Desean Jackson: WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Desean Jackson’s signing with Tampa had an instant impact on Madden 18. He will definitely make the Tampa Bay team and offense in general more popular to play with in Madden 18. His 94 speed, 93 acceleration, and 96 agility will pair up nicely with Mike Evans’ size at the wide receiver position.

This will certainly make for an explosive passing game. Jackson’s Madden 17 rating was an 87 and with Evans’ 90 rating, the two should immediately boost the rating for the Buccaneers.  

Alshon Jeffery: WR Philadelphia Eagles

Alshon Jeffery’s signing with the Philadelphia Eagles will give that offense an instant boost in the Madden 18 ratings. When you couple Jeffery with Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz, the Eagles offense will have plenty of playmaking pass catchers in the upcoming Madden game. Jeffery finished the season rated an 89 overall in Madden 17. A solid rating given he missed quite a few games and his production fell off a bit. Regardless, when coupled with Matthews and Ertz, the Eagles sport a wide variety of good pass catchers.  

The only area of concern with the Eagles team is Carson Wentz since he finished with a measly 77 overall rating. But the 2nd year quarterback should have some better numbers given Jeffrey’s addition. Taking all of these things into consideration, the Eagles should be a very popular team in Madden 18, and Alshon Jeffery will have one of the biggest impacts in the game.

Brandin Cooks: WR New England Patriots

New England traded for the speedy Brandin Cooks this offseason. A move that will certainly have one of the biggest impacts in Madden 18. Cooks finished the season rated an 86 overall in Madden 17, but his speed will be the biggest threat in the upcoming Madden game. When you couple Cooks with Gronk and Edelman, the Patriots offense should be even better in Madden 18. Hard to believe, we know.

Brandin Cooks sports a 96 speed rating with a 93 acceleration. All that speed mixed with his 91 catching and 87 route running will give you Madden fans who like playing with the Patriots a fun and shiny new weapon.

Eddie Lacy: RB Seattle Seahawks

Eddie Lacy to the Seattle Seahawks was a big move on offense that nobody is really talking about. Given Lacy’s 89 trucking and 85 carry plus 90 awareness, the running back will definitely have one of the biggest impacts in Madden 18.

Those of you who like to play with Seattle would definitely like to see some additions to the offensive line as that unit was absolutely dreadful. Regardless, Lacy finished the season rated an 84 overall in Madden 17. That will be a very solid upgrade for the Seattle backfield while adding some versatility to the position.

Mike Glennon: QB Chicago Bears

This move certainly wasn’t that flashy or popular, but Mike Glennon signed with Chicago and looks to be in line to start for the Bears in the upcoming season. This will certainly have one of the biggest impacts in Madden 18 since the Bears are somewhat of a sleeper team heading into the new season.

Glennon will most likely start the season rated somewhere around 75 to 78, I’m guessing. That rating guess is based simply on the average of starting quarterbacks and rookies without much experience. Wentz, Goff, and players like Cutler were all rated around 77’ish and Glennon should fall right in line with those ratings. Anytime a team has a new starting quarterback, they will have a pretty big impact in Madden.

Brandon Marshall: WR New York Giants

We know this list is very wide receiver centric, but they make a big impact in Madden, and Brandon Marshall’s addition will be no different. Marshall finished the season rated fairly low at an 85 overall. However, when you couple Marshall with Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard, the signing will have one of the biggest impacts in Madden 18.

You don’t come across the New York Giants as much as you would think in online H2H matches in Madden 17. Brandon Marshall’s addition should certainly change that in Madden 18 as he adds some real firepower to the offense.

That just about does it for our list of players who changed teams with the biggest impact in Madden 18. Certainly there are many more players and signings that are worthy of making the list, but these just a few of the most popular team changes.

Who are your players who changed teams with the biggest impact in Madden 18? See any that we really missed on? As always, feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on the new rosters changes coming to Madden this August.

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Andrew Holland
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