Bringing pressure with only 5 guys is essential to having a solid defense in Madden 13.  The blitz we are covering today does exactly that and gets great heat off the edge with nice coverage throughout the entire field.  We have the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Formation: Nickel Wide 9

Play: Odd Overload 2


  1. Shift your defensive line to the right
  2. Reblitz your DT
  3. (Optional) Hot route your cornerbacks to purple zones

If you set the play up correctly you will notice that the nickel cornerback comes in untouched off the left side of the screen.

You can see from the pre-snap view that your opponent has no idea where the pressure is coming from and if you are even bringing a blitz at all.

After the snap, 2 of our defensive lineman drop back into coverage while both of our linebackers and our nickel cornerback blitz.  This creates confusion between the offensive lineman.

From the quarterback’s point of view, everyone is well covered and we have 2 safeties sitting deep over the middle.  Our cornerback is flying off the edge with no one between him and the QB.

Before the quarterback can get a pass off, we get a sack and a loss of 6 yards.