1.)Chris Johnson- CJ28 owned last year, racking up 2,006 yards along with 14 touchdowns and 22 rushes for over 20 yards. Possibly the fastest player to ever lace them up . With his unique speed and vision, Chris Johnson can easily run his way into the record books.

2.)Stephen Jackson- 5 straight seasons of 1000+ yards with the St. Louis Rams. Enough said.

3.)Adrian Peterson- He makes the uniordinary look ordinary. An absolute freak of nature with strength to match his speed. If he could just fix his fumbling problem, he could be atop the list.

4.)Maurice Jones Drew– A solid, all around running back.  If it wasn’t for his height issue, he would be a top 3 running back.

5.)Frank Gore- Another 1000+ yard rusher since being drafted out of the University of Miami. Gore is one guy you don’t want getting past your front 7.

6.)Ray Rice- Great hands and plays twice his size. He’s only been in the league for 2 seasons now but easily makes the list.

7.)DeAngelo Williams- Super quick and a viable pass option out of the backfield. D’lo proves splitting carries with the next guy does’nt slow him down a bit.

8.)Jonathan Stewart- He breaks so many tackles. A perfect compliment to DeAngelo Williams speed. He actually had more carries, yards and touchdowns for the Panthers last season.

9.)Ronnie Brown- Injuries push him down toward the bottom of the list. All around great back. Brown makes the Wildcat formation look unstoppable.

10.)Jamaal Charles- Led the league with 5.9 yards a carry. Another speedy back with a great future ahead of him.

Not quite- Thomas Jones, Brandon Jacobs, Cedric Benson, Pierre Thomas

Written by layinWOOD