EA has introduced brand new superstar abilities in Madden 20. If you are lucky enough to have a player like Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, or George Kittle on your team, you will have access to 4 additional hot routes.

If Tom Brady is your quarterback, every eligible receiver on the field will have these additional hot routes. If you have a receiver/tight end/running back with the special ability like, “WR Apprentice”, only that specific receiver will have access to the additional hot routes.


We’ve found out what those special hot routes will be and how they change based on the position your player is lined up in.

Check them out below.

Outside Wide Receivers

  • Post Corner
  • Corner (C Route)
  • Post
  • Fade Stop

Slot Wide Receivers

  • Cross
  • Corner
  • Post
  • Stop N Go

Running Backs

  • Ghost
  • Texas
  • Flat (Table)
  • Block and Release Hook

Tight Ends

  • Cross
  • Trail
  • Corner
  • Post

Additionally, Madden 20 has revamped some of the default tight end hot routes. The traditional fade hot route for tight ends has been replaced with a Block and Fade hot route causing your tight end to block for a second or 2 before releasing into his route.

The whip route has been replaced with a block and flat hot route while the slant route has been replaced by a block and cross hot route.


One other minor note is that the traditional fade hot route for wide receivers has been altered slightly to look much more like a streak route.

Which new hot routes are you most excited to use? Let us know in the comments!