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MUT Level 50-60 Tips To Level Up Efficiently

The new MUT Levels are out now and it’s worth noting that EA has tried to make it much harder to do these kinds of MUT Level grinding techniques.

We still have a way even though it isn’t as efficient as before.

Check it out below.

Efficient Way to Grind MUT Levels up to 60


  1. Go to Madden Ultimate Team
  2. Click on Challenges
  3. Then click on Rivals
  4. Next go to Quarterfinals: Challengerz
  5. Pick the Quarterfinals: Challengerz V
  6. Set the difficulty to easy
  7. Put your fastest receiver on a streak throw it to him and run out of bounds at the 40

Overview: This we have found to be the most efficient way to grind the new MUT levels (50-60) that recently came out. Even though this has been found to be the most efficient way it is still a very long process so don’t expect quick results.

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