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More Information On Madden 20 Player Ratings

As we originally discussed a couple months ago, player ratings in Madden 20 are going to be much more spread out than in previous years.

In the past, pretty much every starter in the game was rated in the mid 70s or higher. This year, there will be lower level starters and backups as low as 50-60 overall.

What this does is allows for superstar players to feel more like superstars. The elite players on your team will feel recognizably better than just an average starter. Before, that elite superstar might have only been about 10 points overall better than the average starter. Now, he will be somewhere around 15-20 points better.

The truly elite players in Madden 20 are staying basically the same. They’ll still be rated in the 90s. However, players rated below 90 overall are seeing ratings that will decrease by around 10-15%.

In last year’s game, 54% of players had ratings that were 70 OVR or higher. In Madden 20, only 41% of the players are at 70 OVR or higher.

The chart below shows the number of players with certain overall ratings in Madden 20 compared to Madden 19.

Madden 20 Ratings vs. Madden 19 Ratings

wdt_ID Overall Madden 19 Madden 20

We put this data into chart form for better visualization which you can check out below.

As you can see, there really isn’t too much of a change up above 90 overall but as you get down into 60s, 70s and 80s there is a noticeable drop off.

One place where this new ratings spread is immediately noticeable is in quarterback throw power.

In Madden 19, over 50 quarterbacks had a throw power rating of 90 or better, with 80 being the absolute lowest. In Madden 20, only 18 quarterbacks have a 90 or higher throw power rating, with 72 being the lowest.

What are your thoughts on the change to player ratings? Sound off in the comments!

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5 years ago

It’s about time. They should’ve done this a long time ago. Hopefully this is just the beginning. 50 should be the average NFL player/backup, 60-70 the average starter, 70-80 a good player, 80-90 all pro players, and 90+ should be for a generational talent (aka 5-10, maybe 15, players in the NFL – not 70+ players)

For example, Bobby Wagner is 99ovr in madden 19. He should be in the Mid 80s and the standard for ILBs in madden. Aaron Donald is 99ovr in madden 19. He should be in the mid 90s. Basically no one should be 99, that would be the GOAT of the position in their prime.

Basically if you’re going to use a scale of 0-99 to rate players, you should use the entire scale. Which it looks like they’re finally starting to realize.

Lanny Gilbert
Lanny Gilbert
5 years ago

Sounds great! Looking forward to the changes in ratings this year.

5 years ago

I’ve been saying this for a while. The rough scale should be:

90: Hall of Fame caliber
80: Star player
70: Average starter
60: Average backup
50: Depth and project players
40: Practice squad caliber
30: Not good enough to make a team, but sticks around looking for a chance
20: Bottom of draft classes

In a bit more detail:
98: GOAT territory
96: A generational talent. Maybe one of these comes along at each position every 5 to 10 years
94: MVP level player. Renowned throughout the league
92: Famous even outside of football. Even grandma has heard of this guy.
90: Hall of Fame caliber player if he can maintain this level of play over his career
88: Borderline hall of fame guy, definitely team hall of fame level
86: Cornerstone of the team. Teams will do basically anything to retain such a player
84: Nationally famous, used for national advertising/sponsorships
82: Extremely good player, beats even other good opponents
80: Star player, well known even outside his team’s fanbase
78: Borderline star player, well known within his division
76: Solid starter, opponent needs to gameplan well to stop him
74: Good starter, consistent veterans or young guys making an impact
72: Slightly better than an average starter.
70: League average starter at his position
68: Just below average. Has consistency issues or lack of a killer move
66: Bad starter. A major weakness hurts his game. May get a few rotational snaps in some position groups
64: Solid backup or really bad starter. Young players who need to develop or shaky vets
62: Above average backup. Gets work in special teams and is valued as a depth guy
60: League average backup
58: Bad backup or a guy with multiple holes in his game
56: Well below average player, third stringer or long term project
54: Has to fight to keep his spot on the team
52: Roster bubble guy
50: 50/50 to make the 53-man roster
48: Probably not gonna make the team, but will land on a practice squad somewhere
46: Middling practice squad guy, serious issues with his game
44: Below average practice squad guy, hard to develop
42: Borderline practice squad guy, see a lot of these in the mid to late draft rounds
40: Just barely makes the practice squad
38: Not quite a practice squad guy.
36: Typical bust in the 3rd to 5th rounds
34: Bust in the 5th to 7th rounds
32: 7th round bust, basically trash
30: A scrub, undraftable talent
20-29 are even worse, the absolute bottom of the draft class

Michael R Belton
Michael R Belton
5 years ago

I anyone really going to keep a player below 60 on their roster even with the changes?

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