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Money Play To Beat Cover 3 Zone Defense

Cover 3 is the most common zone defense in Madden 15.  It will likely be the same way in Madden NFL 16 since people seem to use either that or Cover 2 Man most of the game.

That is why Protege Saints is going over a simple play you can add into your scheme when you know your opponent is just going to call a Cover 3 defense.

The full video breakdown and written setup is below.

Madden NFL 15 Cover 3 Beater Money Play

Playbook: Cincinnati Bengals (and many others with the bunch formation)

Formation: Gun Bunch

Play: Bengal Curl Flat


  1. Either leave the play as is
  2. Or you can put the left receiver on a slant and the running back on a streak


  1. First read is always the flat, it’s the safest
  2. You read the curl off of the flat as your second read
  3. Your last read is the running back on the streak route

Overview: This is a nice play to beat cover 3 but you shouldn’t over use it as it is a very simple concept and if you’re opponent is smart they will catch on.

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8 years ago

Good concept. My favorite play to beat cover 3 is a 3 WR 1 TE and 1 RB package. RB runs a flat route, TE runs a post corner, and WR runs a streak. If they put the guy in a light blue into a purple, the checkdown will be open for 4-10 yards. If the light blue stays as a light blue, the TE corner route will be wide open for a nice gain.

8 years ago