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Minnesota Vikings Madden 10 Ratings

The Minnesota Vikings are led by a great defensive line and Adrian Peterson.  Their 2 starting wide receivers both have 97 speed.  This could be a scary team to play this year.

Download and view:

Minnesota Vikings Player Ratings

Notable Players:

Adrian Peterson: 97 Overall

Jared Allen: 98 Overall

Kevin Williams: 97 Overall

View the Full Team’s Detailed Ratings:

Minnesota Vikings Player Ratings


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  1. i really like how its in an excel format

  2. they killed our 2nd best unit which is the LBers i mean henderson an 80 leber a 66 thats just BS

  3. anyone know if brett favre is in the game?

  4. why are they rated 80 overall. E.J Henderson 80 overall? are u kidding