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Green Bay Packers Madden 10 Ratings

The Green Bay Packers start there second full season without Brett Favre at the helm.  We have every player on their roster’s detailed madden rating.

Download Below:

Green Bay Packers Madden 10 Player Ratings

Notable Players:

Greg Jennings: 90 Overall

Ryan Grant: 85 Overall

Aaron Rodgers: 86 Overall

Aaron Kampman: 93 Overall

Charles Woodson: 93 Overall

Nick Collins: 93 Overall

Dowload the complete team ratings below:

Green Bay Packers Madden 10 Player Ratings


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  1. aaron rodgers should be rated higher i mean 4000 yards and 28 tds, we were robbed

  2. Hell yea, i’m not even a packers fans but Rodgers is good i think 88-90 is more fitting

  3. yea well, philip rivers is only 88, and he had the best qb rating, jay cutler 87, jay cutler pro bowl qb, i dont like the packers or the bears or the chargers

  4. greg jennings should be at like 93-95. 1300 yds receiving. and he was higher rated in madden 09

  5. your right peter. and wheres the rating for al harris he should be atleast like a 90-93.

  6. i think as far as rodgers goes they need more prof i think he shoulda been a 90 jennings 92 did u see what they did to barnett crazy but they lowered the stats overall so thats why

  7. well idk im a diehard packer fan, al harris should be in between 80-85 (hes getting old and slow and either gets the big play or gets beat bad) woodson should be a 97. hes a beast, polamalu gets 99 same amount of ints and woodson, woodson beat out p.manning for the heisman in college, he had 7-tied INTs last year. give me a break, hes best athlete on the pack. james jones should be a 80, jennings a 95, driver a 89 or so. maybe a 90. donald lee should be an 84 about. we always get robbed (looks like im gonna be doing some roster editing!!!)

  8. And no one mentions Aj hawk at 78 overral that’s a joke he’s a proven outside linebacker and even filled in for barnett at middle last year and was rock solid.

  9. so uhh im not gonna lie to you, AJ hawk runs a 4.5 i think? and arron rodgers was the 2nd best qb in fantasy last year so yeah about a 90 overall would be a lil more fitting….and ffs will madden stop UNDERRATING RYAN GRANT! yeah his strength and trucking is good because he runs people over but damn hes got some speed to i mean cmonnn. give him at least maybe 90 speed

  10. Really then why is Favre at 92 and he had over 4000 yards and 33 TD's with only 7 INT's!