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Madden 18 player ratings

Mid-Season Madden 18 Player Ratings Winners And Losers

The first half of the season has just flown by. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve given you our player ratings winners and losers. That’s why the pros at Madden School are back with our weekly player rating analysis. Today, though, we’ve got our player ratings winners and losers for the first half of the Madden 18 season.


Jared Goff QB Los Angeles Rams

81 overall

Goff has been on an absolute terror as of late, and his Madden 18 rating reflects his stellar play. Since the game’s launch, Goff’s overall rating is up by 8 points. That’s an incredible climb over the first half of the season. Goff’s ratings have improved in every important area. His THP is up 1 to a 93, his SAC is up 4 to an 86, and his AWR is an 82 which is up an amazing 9 points over the first half of the season.

Kareem Hunt RB Kansas City Chiefs

84 overall

The rookie standout at RB is up by 9 points in his overall rating since Madden 18 was launched back in August. Now, Hunt has had some big games in his young NFL career that have contributed to this rating, but it is starting to level off over the past few weeks. In fact, Hunt’s overall rating is down by 1 point over the last 3 weeks. Regardless, Hunt is a mid-season ratings winner given his meteoric rise in his overall rating. Hunt’s a great all-around back to build around. He boasts nice ratings with his 83 TRK, 93 CAR, and 85 BCV.

Carson Wentz QB Philadelphia Eagles

87 overall

Like Goff, Wentz has seen his overall rating go up by 8 points since the August 25 launch. This stands to reason given his stellar play to this point, and he’s in the conversation for MVP. Wentz has incredible ratings. His THP is 94, DAC 82, and his AWR is a nice 87. Throw in his 82 SPD and 82 AGI and Wentz is one of Madden 18’s biggest all around threats at the QB position.


Unfortunately, our losers list is QB heavy. Both NFC South, former MVP QB’s have made our losers list. It’s nothing against them. It’s just that both have seen quite a slip in their overall ratings thus far.

Matt Ryan QB Atlanta Falcons

91 overall

Matt Ryan kicks off our losers list as he’s seen his overall rating slowly decline by 5 points since launch. Ryan is still sitting pretty with one of the game’s highest QB ratings as it’s at 91. Regardless, to think that number is down by 5 points is concerning. Also, Ryan hasn’t had the best consistency as of late. That could definitely lead to his rating dropping off even more than it has to this point.

Cam Newton QB Carolina Panthers

83 overall rating

Cam Newton is down by 5 points in his overall rating since August’s launch. Newton has been incredibly inconsistent, and that has cost him big in his overall Madden 18 rating. The former MVP is currently rated an 83, which is down from an 88. Perhaps his biggest drop is in his AWR rating as it’s down from a 90 to an 84. That’s certainly going to contribute to a lowered overall rating, and might deter some of you from playing with Carolina in competitive matches.

Willie Snead IV WR New Orleans Saints

76 overall rating

Sticking with the NFC South, WR Willie Snead of the New Orleans Saints is down a whopping 5 points since launch. Snead has been a little banged up, and that’s certainly hurt his production and his overall rating. Also, the Saints are running the ball much more often. Factor in the addition of Ted Ginn Jr. to the Saints WR depth chart, and Snead has been forgotten about in this offense. All of that has lead to his lowered overall Madden rating.

Certainly there are plenty of other players worthy of making our list. You could probably add another handful of QB’s and WR’s to both our losers and winners list, but we’d be here all day. Who are some of your winners and losers over the first half of the season? Feel free to leave your thoughts and share your comments with the Madden School community in the comments section below.

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