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The Beginners Guide To Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team

One of the biggest challenges to someone who is new to Madden Ultimate Team is simply getting started with the basics.  We’ve tried to eliminate that problem in Madden 15 by creating a small guide to Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team (MUT 15) for people who are just getting started with MUT this year or who want to give it another chance.

The beginners guide to Madden 15 Ultimate Team was written by longtime Madden-School member DaGrandChampion (DGC) who is known throughout the Madden community as the Godfather of MUT.

Let’s dive right in.

10 Steps to Get Started in Madden 15 Ultimate Team

Step 1: It begins on Madden 15’s launch night. Play Madden NFL 15’s skill trainer and become familiar with the player movements and all the new features. This will help you determine which types of players you need on your team.

Step 2: Hop into team playbooks. Play a couple of head to head ranked games using stock teams. Select an offensive and defensive playbook that you like. In MUT, you will be asked to select a Team Captain. That Team Captain will actually give you the uniform and playbook of that team. This will save you from having to play with an unfamiliar playbook. It’s a matter of comfort but it’s important.

Step 3: Head into Madden Ultimate Team, select your captain. You will receive your starter team. You will find that your starter team is less than a thing a beauty. If you’re lucky you might end up with a 72 over all unit. Nonetheless, take action to replace/upgrade each and every one of these cards as soon as possible.

Step 4: Make a decision on how you will improve your Starter Team. Buying packs will improve your team quickly. I recommend this course of action. Otherwise you could become frustrated, bullied by guys with superior teams.

However stay within your financial budget. Don’t over spend and wind up blowing your electric bill or rent money. Pulling packs is addictive – trust me! Combine pack purchases with Solo Challenges to acquire coins and cards.

Step 5: In every pack, there will be non-player cards like uniforms, coaches, stadiums, collectables and more. At the beginning of the MUT15 year you can use these cards to complete collections. Each collection offers a coin or card reward. Take advantage of that!

Step 6: Those packs will undoubtedly present you with duplicate cards. Never discard or quick sell any card in MUT. If you have any duplicate cards use them on the auction house to build your coinage. Flipping cards, which we will cover later, in MUT can be your path to earning millions in coins. He who has the coins, commands the competitive landscape!

Step 7: Before you post a card on the auction house, go and check the low end price the card is currently selling. Narrow your search parameter as tight as you can. Then scroll over to the ‘Buy Now’ column and sort that column from cheapest to most expensive. Since you’re selling, you want to find out what others are selling the card for. You have to post your card cheaper. Don’t give too much of a home town discount. One of the other sellers could snipe your card and repost it (flip) for a handsome profit. Just undercut the lowest card by a max of 2k coins.

Note: Flipping cards in MUT. Search the auction house and you find 3 or 4 coach cards selling for 150, 200, and 300 coins respectively. Buy all three cards. Yes buy all three cards. Then repost the cards at a higher price to earn a return on your investment. If someone posts a card for auction under cutting your card, buy that card and repost it too. You can do this with any rare card. Do not attempt to flip cards that have more than 3 or 4 cards showing on auction.

You can download the EA app for MUT. Enter the players name and the EA App will show you every card that player has in the database. Slide the card to the left and the app will show player attributes. Slide the card left again and the app lists the last tem times the card has been sold. It lists the specific price, the seller and the console where the transaction occurred.

The link below has some useful information.

Step 8: Solo Challenges. If you chose to improve your team through pulling packs, you’re in the game and ready to play head to head in no time.

However you may decide to build your team without pulling packs – via Solo Challenges. Either way you will have to play Solo Challenges to earn reward packs or coins. Some of the Solo Challenges expire, so make sure you jump into them as soon as possible.

They can be as fun as watching paint dry. Use Solo Challenges as a means to an end. Use them to practice with your team. Labbing in Madden’s practice mode, with stock players, will prove ineffective in MUT head to head games.

Save the coins you earn in solo challenges. Don’t be too quick to spend 5k here and there. It’s better to save that 5k until it builds into 10k, 20K, 30K. Players sold for 5k maybe good but players selling for 30k are much better.

Step 9: Acquiring talent is the key. As in any sport you have to have talent to compete. Study the players attributes carefully. Don’t over pay for a card with a high overall. Never fall in love with a card. Your goal in MUT is to improve your team – daily! MUT is CCM on a Worldwide Scale.

Let’s go back to spending – or not over spending. Every player in MUT, even the 99 ovr’s have their strengths and their weakness. Target the key areas needed to play the position and you’ll put a great team on the field.

Here’s a tip!

Ultimate Legend Eric Dickerson in this year’s MUT25 is rated 99 overall and gives a +2 to acceleration. He has 96 speed, 95 carry and 95 acceleration. However this card costs upwards of 90k on the auction house. Yet this card will fumble in games.

The Madden 25 Marshall Faulk card is rated 99 overall as well. He has 97 speed, 99 acceleration and 95 carry. Acceleration in MUT is the key when it comes to running backs. Ratings wise the cards are relatively the same. Faulk is the more productive RB however. And he is an effective receiver in the passing game. Dickerson is not. The Faulk card sells for about 30k. Considerably less than the Dickerson card. Shop wisely!

Step 10: Chemistry is vital. Select two chemistry’s and target the players who fall under those team chemistry’s. Elite coach cards carry +20 in various chemistry’s. Some are also boost cards. Search for them in solo challenges or collections. When you reach 99 in both chemistry’s you’re ready to put the women and children to bed and go hunt!

The 5 Key Phases to MUT

1. Head to Head Season games.

MUT Seasons has its advantages over Madden CCM. There is no chasing your opponent or scheduling conflicts of any kind. The week doesn’t get rolled if you can’t play. Yet the season advances as frequently as you want it too. The problem is you’re taking on the world. But that’s also the challenge!

2. Solo Challenges

Again, consider this your practice mode. It can be tedious playing these games against the CPU. However the rewards make it worth your while. Take advantage of them. Some challenges expire so jump into it as soon as you can. You don’t want to let free coins get away. Set your play clock to run off up to 10 seconds. This will cut down your wall time.

3. Collections

Buying packs will bring a plethora of cards. Use the cards to complete collections and earn rewards. If you get close to completing a collection and you run out of packs to open. You can look for someone to trade you the cards you need. Or you can search for the card on the Auction House. Again, do not over pay. If the collection reward is 5k in coins, don’t spend 5k on the one card you need to complete the collection. If you reach an impasse, look for the card by purchasing more packs. Or simply wait until the card you need drops in price on the auction.

4. Auction House

There are many techniques to flipping cards. I mentioned one of them above. However you might want to look for strategies of your own. You will earn the most coins by acquiring cards that are in demand for game play. Or cards that are needed to complete collections. You might get a high valued card you don’t need. Sell it for 300k! Then go shopping! Buy the players you really want.

5. Trade Block

Making a trade is difficult. Most MUT Hardcore gamers are frugal. They will not let go of a high valued card easily. You should be equally mindful of what the offer on the table is. Lookout for your best interest and avoid offers that seem too good to be true. They almost always are.

Note: People get scammed all the time. Don’t get taken. I would avoid trades and buying cards from individuals I don’t know. There are too many scams for me to cover all of them. “Just say no!”.

Who Plays MUT?

There are two types of gamers powering MUT. The Gamer and the Collector!

Gamer: He will buy packs and/or play solo challenges with the goal of stocking his team with players needed to kick ass on the field. He does very little as far as collections.

Collector: He buys packs in mass quantities with the goal of completing every collection. He endeavors to possess every card issued. He is not concerned with competing in head to head games.

Social Media Guys

When you’re out there, playing MUT head to head matches, you will undoubtedly run into one of the social media guys. Usually these guys are stacked with high value cards – some of them borrow or receive these dominant cards or coins via donations from their subscribers. It’s a brave new world.

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Invitational

Win a trip to Orlando, all expenses paid! The first of the EA sponsored tournaments was held for MUT25. Hopefully there will be more to come. If there are more tournaments on the MUT15 horizon, the Social Media gamers had better look out.

The top players in the world will enter their names in the MUT competitive scene. I expect the level of play will rise as Maddens elite players start the new season on equal footing. This could be the year the Tournament Players set aside their disdain for the mode, and just play to win Baby!

Whether tournament player or not, the Madden Communities finest will collide in MUT15 on a daily basis. Twitter will be Tweeting. Twitch will broadcast. YouTube will offer colorful and creative recaps. Madden Ultimate Team will usher in a changing of the guards (Gods) on a number of fronts.

Madden NFL 15 comes out on August 26th, 2014.  MUT will be a big part of Madden 15 on the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, XBOX One, and PlayStation 4.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in the comments section below or in our Madden Ultimate Team forum.

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