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Tips for Beginning Gamers in Madden 15

Every August a new Madden game is released and millions of passionate Madden fans take to the virtual gridiron.  Each game is a little different and because of that new tips and strategies must be developed for each individual game.  However, there are a few universal Madden tips that have worked dating back for 25 years.  For more experienced gamers these strategies might seem obvious but they may help others in their quest for Madden 15 dominance.

  1. Play to your team’s strengths – If you like to use the Green Bay Packers, you should choose a playbook that fits their playing style and personnel.  A team like the Packers shouldn’t be used to run the ball 70% of a game.  Instead you will want to use their talent at quarterback and wide receiver to cause matchup problems for the defense.
  2. Develop a scheme – The most common reason people lose in Madden is because they go into a game calling random plays and hoping for the best.  You should have a scheme that you know works and have specific plays ready for specific situations.
  3. Speed and height are king – Speed and height have historically been 2 of the most significant factors when determining the best players in Madden and it will be no different in Madden 15.  When you look back at the best players in Madden history, you don’t think about the players with good awareness or excellent tackling.  You think about the fast and explosive type of player like Calvin Johnson.
  4. Get comfortable with a team – Trying to use all 32 teams is a recipe for disaster.  Choose 1-3 teams to use at all times.  Doing this will allow you to get comfortable with a team’s strengths and weaknesses.  You will figure out which throws your team’s quarterback can make and which he can’t.  If you switch teams all the time, you will lose that familiarity and it will be much harder to compete at a high level.
  5. Learn your opponents tendencies – Every Madden gamer has a tell.  It is just about impossible for your opponent to run unique plays that work all game.  You should be able to zero in on a few plays that your opponents likes to use by the 3rd quarter.  Once you know what is coming, you can come up with a big play in a clutch situation.

Hopefully you will keep these basic tips in mind for Madden 15.  If you are looking for more tips to improve your skill level, check out our madden forum.  Feel free to leave your own tips and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. Thanks for the site. It’s really useful for us beginners. It would be great if you listed out the teams and made some comments on their strenghts and weaknesses. Also it would be great to see an example of a scheme as I’m not really sure where to start with creating one

  2. hey guys i have a question for madden? do i throw the ball to the red routes players or the solid icons or the faded icons cuz i get confussed alot in madden, so write me back thanks!!

  3. Never bought an ebook but if you were to suggest a book for a beginner what would it be. I struggle with passing and defense lol. This is my 3rf year of playing madden.

    1. I’d recommend waiting to pick up an ebook until we get Madden 15 ebooks out if you plan on picking up Madden 15.

  4. We need some running plays for madden 15 because franchise mode on all madden is almost impossible