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Highest Rated Madden 15 Wide Receivers

The top 5 wide receivers and the top 5 tight ends in Madden NFL 15 were announced today by EA Sports.  Calvin Johnson is the first 99 overall rated player announced on offense beating out Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning who come in at 98 overall.

Calvin Johnson has 98 catch, 99 spectacular catch, 95 speed, 98 jump, and 99 release.  With attributes like that, he would likely be rated higher than 99 if it was possible.

Brandon Marshall comes in at #2 with an overall rating of 96.  He has 88 speed, 85 trucking, 98 catch, and 99 catch in traffic

Andre Johnson and A.J. Green are tied for 3rd with 95 overall ratings.  Andre Johnson has 98 awareness, 96 catch, 94 route running, and 98 catch in traffic.  A.J. Green has 97 release, 97 jump, and 98 spectacular catch.

Dez Bryant is the 5th highest rated receiver with a 94 overall rating.  He has 97 agility, 95 juke, 96 catch, and 98 spectacular catch.

Screenshots can be found below.  Make sure to also check out the top 5 highest rated tight ends in Madden 15.

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