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Madden School Update Heading Into Madden 16

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting as many Madden tips as usual lately.  That isn’t because we’ve forgotten about you, it is because we’ve been hard at work preparing for Madden 16.

We can’t post anything about Madden 16 for a few more days so please don’t ask but rest assured that when we can start releasing Madden 16 tips and strategies, they will be top notch.

In another note, we have changed log-in systems for Madden 16.  That means that many of your old usernames and passwords will no longer work.  Also as we have been saying in the ebook members area for a long time, old eBooks for Madden 15, 25, and 13 are no longer available.

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8 years ago

1-does player ratings finally matter(will the gamer be able to clearly differentiate between a 91 player and a 61, 71,81 player)?because we haven’t never been able to.

2-does the CPU have any true AI?
3-will trading and free agency be fixed in cfm?meaning has madden addressed the glitch from madden 15 where you could trade any 2 or 3 garbage players 60-85 for any superstar and or first round pick you so desire.its soo stupid and bad online and offline leagues have to ban it.or you can trade 2 or 3 80-86 rated 30-35 year old player on decline about to retire for any young superstar out there ,or a couple late picks get you first round picks,etc!!!or if salary cap is turned off (because you want to play football not front office),the CPU controlled teams yearly drop all of their best players not recognizing they don’t have cap(leaving awesome players for easy pickings)?
4- or is it still connected franchise fantasy football where you dump all of your garbage on the CPU and in return become great?
5-is there any aggression in the o-line blocking or can you finally get pressure with four man fronts?or are 2nd and 3rd string linemen still blocking watts,suh,etc?
6-is there still that glitch where at certain points in the game or clutch moments the CPU somehow puts 2 hb’s,1wr,2tes in my 5 wide and my depth chart isn’t set up that way and I can’t change it?

These issues are all over YouTube and boards so had madden addressed them or just given us a few new features and put all of their attention on their money grab Mut???