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Madden 16 Player Ratings Broken Down By Team

The Madden 16 ratings for every player in Madden 16 were recently released.  For the last 24 hours our team has been combing through to provide our users access to a format where you can easily sort and search through all of the ratings.  We just completed all 32 teams.  You can view any rating for any player in Madden NFL 16.  Check it out at the link below.

Madden 16 Individual Player Ratings By Team

Here are the ratings for each team in the beginning of Madden 16.

[table id=37 /]

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8 years ago

What about letting letting two players play probowl in connected franchise mode. I thought that would be cool and give users something extra to look forward to in franchise mode. Let game pick teams and team coach randomly like it does and let THEM play the game in that stage of Offseason

8 years ago
Reply to  Robert

I think thats a great idea. Maybe the 2 teams that lose the conference championship game? Or randomly pick 2 teams that missed the playoffs?