Skip links XBOX 360 and PS3 Madden 13 Tournament #1

Most of our readers are familiar with the tips, strategies, and information section of the website, but we also have extremely competitive tournaments and leagues hosted on our forum.  We are now holding signups for our first tournament of the year on both the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3.  We are giving out $250 dollars in cash as well as 16 ebooks and the best part is, the tournaments are 100% free to enter.

The competition will be tough but if you place in the top 8 on either system, you are looking at prizes.  It can’t hurt to test your Madden 13 skills against the best football gamers on the planet.

The tournament starts on Monday October 8th and each round lasts for 2 days.  For full details and to sign up, click on the links below.

XBOX 360 Madden 13 Tournament #1 Details and Signup

PlayStation 3 Madden 13 Tournament #1 Details and Signup

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11 years ago

joeveezie is my psn# sign me up!