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Madden NFL 17 San Diego Chargers Team Breakdown

The San Diego Chargers are a team that you won’t see a lot of in Madden 17.  They have some good pieces but they will have a hard time competing with the top tier teams that everyone uses online.

We’ve got the Madden 17 San Diego Chargers team breakdown below.

Team: San Diego Chargers

Offensive Strategy: Air it out.  Keenan Allen and Antonio Gates are extremely consistent receiving options while Danny Woodhead is a great receiver coming out of the backfield and Travis Benjamin should be able to beat the defense deep every now and then.

Defensive Strategy: Get a couple interceptions.  You are going to have to force some interceptions with your cornerbacks every game if you want a prayer of competing with some of the better teams in Madden 17.

Impact Players: QB Philip Rivers, HB Danny Woodhead, WR Keenan Allen, WR Travis Benjamin, TE Antonio Gates, LE Joey Bosa, RE Corey Liuget, DT Brandon Mebane, LOLB Jeremiah Attaochu, ROLB Melvin Ingram, CB Jason Verrett, CB Casey Hayward, CB Brandon Flowers

Strengths: Cornerback.  The Chargers have 3 legitimate good cornerbacks.  They should be able to slow down most passing attacks by themselves.

Weaknesses: Offensive line.  The Chargers have a pretty weak offensive line which will hold them back against teams with a strong front 7.

Overview: The Chargers are definitely a lower tier team in Madden 17.  They have a lot of weaknesses and no overwhelming strengths.  Unless you are a fan of the Chargers, there really isn’t much reason to use them this year.

What did we miss?  Comment below.

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