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Madden NFL 17 Arizona Cardinals Team Breakdown

The Cardinals come into Madden NFL 17 with one of the best teams in the game.  They have talent everywhere and don’t have too many weaknesses.  This team could be scary good in the right hands.

We’ve got the full Madden 17 Arizona Cardinals team breakdown below.

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Offensive Strategy: Whatever you want.  The Cardinals have the personnel on offense to literally have any play style.  They have good running backs, a top quarterback, an some of the best wide receivers in the league.  Whatever your play style is, you will be able to be successful with the Cardinals.

Defensive Strategy: Turnovers.  The Cardinals defense has some of the best playmakers in the game in Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, and Calias Campbell.  Force a turnover or 2 each game and you shouldn’t lose too often.

Impact Players: QB Carson Palmer, HB David Johnson, HB Chris Johnson, WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR John Brown, WR Michael Floyd, LT Jared Veldheer, LG Mike Iupati, RG Evan Mathis, LE Calias Campbell, LOLB Deone Bucannon, MLB Daryl Washington, CB Patrick Peterson, FS Tyrann Mathieu, SS Tony Jefferson

Strengths: Playmakers.  The Cardinals have great players at a lot of different positions.  Your best players should be better than everyone else’s best players which will give you a big advantage in Madden 17.

Weaknesses: The Cardinals really don’t have any glaring weaknesses in Madden 17.  Defensive tackle is a little weak compared to other positions but they still have some talented players there.

Overview: The Cardinals are a top 5 Madden 17 team.  They have everything you could want in Madden NFL 17.

What did we miss?  Sound off in the comments.

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7 years ago

WR J.J. Nelson and RE Chandler Jones are also impactful!

7 years ago

Daryl Washington is listed as an impact player but hasn’t actually played in a few years because of being suspended. he really shouldn’t be active the game