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Madden NFL 16 San Diego Chargers Team Breakdown

The San Diego Chargers head into Madden 16 with a lot of new players who should be able to make an immediate impact this year.  A strong passing game, and a much improved running game should make Chargers fans happy.

The full Madden NFL 16 San Diego Chargers team breakdown is below.

Team: San Diego Chargers

Offensive Strategy: Take advantage of your big receivers and tight ends.  Madden has always been about either height or speed at receiver.  With the emphasis on the new aggressive catch feature in Madden 16, the Chargers are perfectly positioned to take advantage of that with their big receivers and tight ends.

Don’t forget to use Melvin Gordon either.  He should be a very dangerous weapon to compliment the passing game.

Defensive Strategy: Aggressive 3-4.  The Chargers don’t really have a flashy defense but they have a few playmakers who can cause trouble in the right situations.  MLB Donald Butler is one of the best user MLBs in the game.  Eric Weddle is one of the best safeties in Madden NFL 16, and Brandon Flowers and Melvin Ingram are both impact players.

Impact Players: QB Philip Rivers, HB Melvin Gordon, WR Stevie Johnson, WR Keenan Allen, WR Malcolm Floyd, TE Antonio Gates, TE Ladarius Green, MLB Donald Butler, ROLB Melvin Ingram, CB Brandon Flowers, FS Eric Weddle

Key Newcomers: WR Jacoby Jones, WR Stevie Johnson, LG Orlando Franklin, HB Melvin Gordon, MLB Denzel Perriman, CB Craig Mager

Strengths: Skill positions.  The Chargers are loaded at skill positions.  Melvin Gordon might only be a rookie but you can bet he will have the individual ratings needed to be a dominant running back.  The Chargers have 4 good Madden receivers and 2 very dangerous tight ends.  Philip Rivers good enough to get the ball to those guys.

Weaknesses: Defensive line.  This might be considered a little unfair since 3-4 defensive lines aren’t expected to do much in Madden anyway but the Chargers are pretty weak here.  They don’t have anyone who an opponent will have to worry about or gameplan around.

Overall:  The San Diego Chargers fall right into the middle of the pack in Madden 16.  Not great but not bad.

What did we miss Chargers fans?  Let us know in the comments section.

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8 years ago

Charger fan here. If you’re going to make Donald Butler an impact player then you gotta make Jason Verrett one too. The kid is ridiculous.

8 years ago

What’s the optimal depth chart for the Chargers?