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Madden NFL 16 Kansas City Chiefs Team Breakdown

The Kansas City Chiefs are a strong team coming into Madden NFL 16.  They might not be a team that everyone will play with but if you put them in the right hands, they will be very dangerous.

We have the full Kansas City Chiefs team breakdown for Madden 16 below.

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to Jamaal Charles.  Jamaal Charles is one of the most dangerous weapons in Madden 16.  To go along with that, the Chiefs have a good offensive line.  Mix in Jeremy Maclin and De’Anthony Thomas as well.  With all that speed on the field, it will be hard for opposing defenses to keep up.

Defensive Strategy: 3-4 Pressure.  The Chiefs have one of the best linebacker groups in the game.  With Justin Houston and Tamba Hali coming off of opposite edges, it will be hard for your opponent to shift protection one way.  Derrick Johnson is still a great user middle linebacker in the middle of the field.

Impact Players: QB Alex Smith, HB Jamaal Charles, WR Jeremy Maclin, WR De’Anthony Thomas, TE Travis Kelce, DT Dontari Poe, LOLB Justin Houston, MLB Derrick Johnson, ROLB Tamba Hali, CB Sean Smith

Key Newcomers: WR Jeremy Maclin, LG Ben Grubbs, SS Tyvon Branch, CB Marcus Peters, WR Chris Conley

Strengths: Speed and linebackers.  We touched on both of these things above but the Chiefs have elite speed at running back and wide receiver.  Speed kills in Madden.  The Chiefs also have 3 really good linebackers.  Any other team would be happy to have just 1 of them.

Weaknesses: Big athletic receivers.  Receivers who are 6’3″ and above are always so hard to stop in Madden.  It is good that the Chiefs have speed everywhere but there will come a time when you need a big and strong receiver to make a spectacular catch and the Chiefs don’t really have a guy like that.

Overall: The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the better teams in Madden 16.  If you use them correctly, you should be able to easily compete against any team online.

What did we miss Chiefs fans?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Travis Kelce lead the League in YAC, was the #1 run blocker and a decent pass blocker as well. All while playing as our #2 tight end in his first year playing in the league. He should be one of the main focuses of the team.

    1. Thanks for the info Jake! I’ll add him to the impact players list.

      1. Awesome! You still have our weakness being no big athletic receivers though. Kelce definitely fits that bill, as Jimmy Graham fit the bill on the Saints.

        There’s really only one big weakness on the team, and that’s o-line. We aren’t sure how this revamped line is gonna play out. I was a little skeptical when you said the Chiefs had a good o-line.

        Other smaller weaknesses are depth issues at ILB and TE.

  2. I am looking at using the Chiefs, Colts (hate their D), Bills (hate their lack of QB), and Vikings. Who do you like better? I like demoting Avant and making Conley the number 2 WR (speed), and putting DAT in the slot. They have an unstoppable offense. The only thing that worries me is their run D. How do you think it will be this year?

    1. Mike Devito and Derrick Johnson were both injured for the rest of the season in week 1. DeVito is the Chiefs best run-stop DE and Johnson is without a doubt the best run-stopping LB and one of the best in the league. That hurt. Still, the Chiefs didn’t allow a rushing touchdown till week 12, the same week Eric Berry (one of the better strong safeties in the league) discovered he had cancer.

      The Chiefs are a solid run stopping unit when healthy, but their real strength is in defending the pass. A deadly pass rush combined with good safeties and corners led to not a single opponent throwing for 300 yards in 2014.

  3. Playing a online 10 year connected franchise, my choices are the Chiefs or the Chargers. Who should I go with for Madden 16?

      1. between the two squads which team has more young talent that will develop?

  4. also will the chiefs have Eric Berry in madden 16?

  5. Eric Berry is a 84 overall I believe so yes he will be in the game.

  6. Should I use chiefs or ravens