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Madden NFL 16 Buffalo Bills Team Breakdown

The Buffalo Bills are much improved from last year.  The new players they got in the offseason should really help.  Look for the Bills to be a really popular sleeper team in Madden 16.

The full Buffalo Bills team breakdown in Madden NFL 16 can be found below.

Team: Buffalo Bills

Offensive Strategy: Run the ball, throw screen passes, and take a few deep shots.  The Bills have a very good running back and plenty of extremely fast receivers.  Run the ball until your opponent starts sending extra guys to stop it.  Then throw in some screen passes and deep shots.

Defensive Strategy: Let your defensive line dominate.  The Bills defensive line should be able to control games.  On top of that, they have 2 cornerbacks who can shut down even the best receivers in Madden 16.  You have the luxury of blitzing when you want or playing coverage defense.

Impact Players: QB E.J. Manuel, HB LeSean McCoy, WR Sammy Watkins, WR Percy Harvin, WR Marquise Goodwin, TE Charles Clay, LT Cordy Glenn, LE Mario Williams, RE Kyle Williams, DT Marcel Dareus, LOLB Jerry Hughes, MLB Nigel Bradham, CB Stephon Gilmore, CB Corey Graham

Key Newcomers: CB Ronald Darby, RG Richie Incognito, QB Tyrod Taylor, WR Percy Harvin, TE Charles Clay

Strengths: Playmakers.   This teams has Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin, and Marquise Goodwin at wide receiver.  Those guys are built for Madden.  Plus you have LeSean McCoy at running back who is always dangerous and 2 speedy quarterbacks in E.J. Manuel and Tyrod Taylor.

The other big strength is the defensive line.  The Bills have one of the best defensive lines in Madden 16.

Weaknesses: Elite passing quarterback.  If E.J. Manuel or Tyrod Taylor ever get up to about an 85 overall rating, the Bills will be scary good.  However, right now they are mostly just a threat in the running game.

Overview: If one of the Bills quarterbacks starts the NFL season strong, they will quickly turn into one of the better teams in Madden 16.  Until then, they are a great under the radar team.

What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments section.

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8 years ago

Robert Woods should be an impact player the man was tied for receptions with sammy watkins and if teams double teamed sammy woods would make them pay.

8 years ago

I want to play with the Bills, but the accuracy settings of the QBs seem to be tighter. It is going to be difficult to use their “QBs”. I may have to pick the Vikings or Chiefs instead.

8 years ago

These guys are definitely scary.