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Madden NFL 15 Washington Redskins Team Breakdown

The Washington Redskins are a much better team in Madden 15 than their record reflected in last year’s NFL season.  Robert Griffin III is still easily one of the most dangerous weapons in all of Madden.  With the addition of the always dangerous DeSean Jackson, this team could be really good.

We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: Washington Redskins

Offensive Strategy: Let your playmakers do work.  The Redskins have the fastest quarterback in Madden 15, 2 of the fastest receivers in the game, and a very good running back.  You shouldn’t have a problem moving the ball.

Defensive Strategy: Get some sacks. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan should be able to get you a few sacks per game if you have a decent defensive scheme.  Your opponent will likely start to block an extra running back or a tight end late in the game.

Strengths: Speed and playmakers.  For a team that had such a poor record last year, the Redskins have plenty of playmakers and speed on their team in Madden 15.  It will be hard to focus on stopping just one player.

Weaknesses: 2nd cornerback.  Deangelo Hall is a fantastic Madden corner, but the 2nd starting cornerback position leaves much to be desired when you have to defend against a lot of teams with 2 very talented wide receivers.

Impact Players: QB Robert Griffin III, HB Alfred Morris, WR Pierre Garcon, WR DeSean Jackson, LT Trent Williams, LOLB Ryan Kerrigan, ROLB Brian Orakpo, CB Deangelo Hall, SS Brandon Merriweather

Key Newcomers: OLB Trent Murphy, WR DeSean Jackson, FS Ryan Clark, DE Jason Hatcher

Additional Remarks: The Washington Redskins are a great team to start a franchise with or to use as a sleeper team in online ranked games.

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9 years ago

No live for Tracy Porter at the CB position….. #Sad!