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Madden NFL 15 Philadelphia Eagles Team Breakdown

The Eagles will have an extremely dangerous team in Madden NFL 15.  With a good start to the season and a few favorable Madden 15 roster updates, the Eagles will be an elite team.

We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles.  When you have 2 of the most agile running backs in the NFL on the same team, it is a good idea to get them involved early and often.

Defensive Strategy: Aggresive 3-4.  Connor Barwin and Trent Cole are solid pass rushers.  If you can force a few turnovers and get a few sacks each game, the offense will do the rest for you.

Strengths: Offense.  Even though the Eagles lost DeSean Jackson, they still have one of the most dangerous offenses you’ll encounter in Madden NFL 15.

Weaknesses: Safety.  Malcolm Jenkins makes the safety positions less weak in Madden 15, but the Eagles still lack one of those safeties that makes you think twice before going over the middle of the field in Madden.

Impact Players: QB Nick Foles, HB LeSean McCoy, HB Darren Sproles, WR Jeremy Maclin, TE Zach Ertz, RE Fletcher Cox, LOLB Connor Barwin, MLB Mychal Kendricks, ROLB Trent Cole, CB Cary Williams, FS Malcolm Jenkins

Key Newcomers: OLB Marcus Smith, WR Jordan Matthews, WR Josh Huff, CB Jaylen Watkins, HB Darren Sproles, FS Malcolm Jenkins

Additional Remarks: The Eagles offense is one of the best in Madden 15.  The defense isn’t weak either.  Look for the Eagles to be a lot of people’s go to team.

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9 years ago

Will you guys make a ebook for Philly offense? And will u release the first offense and deffense ebook ?

9 years ago

Ok great thanks! One more thing I waz wondering y I don’t get y’all email daily like I use too I kno I’m on the mailing list but I still don’t get them

9 years ago

I’m still not receiving the emails