The Seattle Seahawks are one of the best teams in Madden NFL 15.  If you have any sort of skill, you should be able to compete online with the Seahawks.  Unfortunately, they will be one of the most overused teams in Madden 15.

We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Offensive Strategy: Run the ball.  Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are unstoppable when used correctly.  Mix in a few sweeps to Percy Harvin and opposing defenses won’t have a chance.

Defensive Strategy: Sacks and turnovers.  The Seahawks should be able to force a few turnovers per game with the Legion of Boom.  You should be able to get at least 2 interceptions per games and a forced fumble or 2.

Strengths: Defense and running game.  The Seahawks have either the best or one of the best defenses in Madden 15 depending on who you talk to.  The same thing goes for the Seahawks running game.

Weaknesses: None really.  If one has to be choosen, maybe wide receiver #2.  Percy Harvin is a Madden stud but the second wide receiver spot this year isn’t as elite as some of the other big time teams.

Impact Players: QB Russell Wilson, HB Marshawn Lynch, WR Percy Harvin, TE Zach Miller, RE Cliff Avril, LE Michael Bennett, DT Brandon Mebane, MLB Bobby Wagner, OLB Bruce Irvin, CB Richard Sherman, CB Byron Maxwell, FS Earl Thomas, SS Kam Chancellor

Key Newcomers: WR Paul Richardson, DE Cassius Marsh, OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis, WR Kevin Norwood

Additional Remarks: Prepare for everyone to jump on the Seahawks bandwagon in Madden 15 just like in Madden 25.

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