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Madden NFL 15 Miami Dolphins Team Breakdown

The Miami Dolphins are absolutely playable in Madden 15, but you will need to be a diehard fan or a very skilled Madden gamer to be able to use them against the elite teams that you mostly find in online play.

The full Dolphins team breakdown for Madden 15 is below.

Team: Miami Dolphins

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to Mike Wallace.  The defense has to respect Tannehill’s ability to run the ball which should open things up a little in the passing game.  Mike Wallace has elite speed and good catch ratings so find a way to get it to him.

Defensive Strategy: 4-3 dominance.  Your 4 defensive lineman should be able to get after the quarterback without much help allowing you to drop more men into coverage. The Dolphins have 2 good cornerbacks which also helps.

Strengths: Defense.  The Dolphins defense has a lot of very good players on it.  Even the players who don’t necessarily qualify as playmakers are generally solid.  The defensive line should be feared.

Weaknesses: No elite quarterback or running back.  Ryan Tannehill is a good Madden quarterback but nothing more than that.  He has decent speed, decent arm strength and decent throw accuracy but when you play good opponents, you need some of those things to be elite.  The same idea goes for Lamar Miller.  He is a pretty fast running back but not in the elite category.

Impact Players: QB Ryan Tannehill, HB Lamar Miller, WR Mike Wallace, LE Cameron Wake, RE Dion Jordan, DT Randy Starks, ROLB Dannell Elerbe, CB Brent Grimes, CB Cortland Finnegan

Key Newcomers: WR Jarvis Landry, CB Cortland Finnegan, LT Branden Albert

Additional Remarks: The Dolphins are about as average of a Madden team as you can get.  You can’t call them bad because with the right person they will be great but you can’t call them good either because a person starting out in Madden NFL 15 would be wise to choose a different team.

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Darryl James
Darryl James
9 years ago

Good I’ll stick with my dolphins and ain’t gotta worry about others picking them