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Defensive Line Controls and Tactics For Madden 15

The defensive line will be more important than ever in Madden 15.  It is important to learn a few tips as well as to get a full understanding of the controls if you wish to be successful this year.

  • Press left on the D-Pad to activate the new defensive camera angle.
  • Press right on the D-Pad to lock on to a specific player using the defensive camera
  • Pull the Right Trigger to receive a small boost off the line but it has to be perfectly timed with the snap otherwise you might go offside
  • Use the Left Stick to steer offensive lineman to close up a quarterback’s scrambling lane, or shift offensive lineman’s weight and set them up for a pass rush move.
  • When controlling a power defensive lineman, press Square to perform a power move.
  • When controlling a speed pass rusher, press the X button when engaged with a blocker to perform contextual finesse moves like spins and swims.
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By identifying your defensive lines strengths, weaknesses, and whether your best players are power rushers or finesse rushers will help you get pressure on the opposing team’s quarterback and lead to your defense giving up less points.

You can check out the full article over at EA Sports.

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