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Madden 15 Strategy: Stopping The Pistol Wing Trips Counter Y Play

In today’s free Madden 15 strategy, Yoda is going over a way to shot down one of the most common “money running plays” you will face online, Pistol Wing Trips – Counter Y.

We have the full breakdown and setup below.

Madden NFL 15 Strategy: Pistol Wing Trips Counter Defense

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: 3-4 Solid

Play: Clamp Double Go

Beginner Setup:

  1. Pinch your defensive line

More Advanced Setup:

  1. Pinch your defensive line
  2. Crash your defensive line down
  3. Put your DT in a hook (yellow) zone
  4. (Optional) Put your strong safety in a hook (yellow) zone

Overview: This play really shuts down the overused counter out of the Pistol Formation and provides decent coverage in other parts of the field.

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9 years ago

What play book is the pistol counter y in ?