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Madden NFL 15 Cincinnati Bengals Team Breakdown

The Cincinnati Bengals have speed, depth, and playmakers at every important position except quarterback in Madden 15.  If you can find a way to play well with Andy Dalton, this team will be very hard to win against.

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to your playmakers.  A.J. Green is the 2nd best receiver in Madden 15 behind only Calvin Johnson.  Make sure to get him involved early.  2 good options at running back and 2 very good tight ends allow you to spread the ball around.

Defensive Strategy: Whatever you want.  This Bengals defense is so stacked that you can play whatever style of defense you want.  You’d be best to use a playbook with either a 4-3 base defense or the 46 playbook but that isn’t a requirement.  If the defense has a weakness it is that the linebackers may struggle in coverage occasionally so be aware of that.

Strengths: Defense.  You have high rated players, good hit power, and impressive speed at all of the positions that matter.  In Madden 15 the Bengals defense is more dominant than any other defense except the 49ers and Seahawks.

Weaknesses: Quarterback.  Andy Dalton is a tough Madden quarterback to use mostly because he lacks speed and throw power.  This limits your offense pretty significantly but it isn’t something you can’t work around

Impact Players: QB Andy Dalton, HB Giovani Bernard, WR AJ Green, WR Brandon Tate, TE Tyler Eifert, OT Andre Smith, LB Vontaze Burfict, DE Margus Hunt, DE Carlos Dunlap, DT Geno Atkins, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Daqueze Denard, FS Reggie Nelson, SS Taylor Mays

Key Newcomers: CB Darqueze Denard, HB Jeremy Hill

Additional Remarks: The Bengals have an insanely powerful defense and a few good options on offense.  The defense should carry you as long as you don’t make too many mistakes on offense.

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