The Chicago Bears head into Madden NFL 15 as a slightly improved Madden team from an already impressive (but low key) squad in Madden 25.  If the Bears start of the season strong, roster updates could lift them into a top tier Madden team.

Team: Chicago Bears

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  The Bears offense is about as balanced of an offense as you will see in Madden 15.  They don’t have any 1 player that you can key in on which will make it hard for opposing defenses to get stops against them.

Defensive Strategy: Bend but don’t break.  The Bears defense can be an interception machine if you give them the opportunity to.  Let your opponent pick up small gains.  Eventually he will get frustrated and try to beat you deep and that is when you can start getting interceptions.

Strengths: Big and talented wide receivers.  Everyone knows that big talented receivers dominate in Madden.  The Bears have 2 very good ones in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.  Martellus Bennett at tight end is another threat that defenses will have to worry about

Weaknesses: Safeties.  In order to have good safeties in Madden, you need high speed and hit power ratings.  The Bears safeties get the job done in the actual NFL, but unfortunately, they aren’t very good in Madden.

Impact Players: QB Jay Cutler, HB Matt Forte, WR Brandon Marshall, WR Alshon Jeffrey, TE Martellus Bennett, LE Lamarr Houston, RE Jared Allen, MLB D.J. Williams, LOLB Lance Briggs, CB Charles Tillman, CB Tim Jennings, CB Kyle Fuller

Key Newcomers: CB Kyle Fuller, DT Ego Ferguson, DT Will Sutton, HB Ka’Deem Carey, RE Jared Allen, LE Lamarr Houston, MLB D.J. Williams,

Additional Remarks: The Bears will be a tough team to play against in Madden 15, although they may not be a team you see too much of online.

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