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Madden NFL 15 Chicago Bears Team Breakdown

The Chicago Bears head into Madden NFL 15 as a slightly improved Madden team from an already impressive (but low key) squad in Madden 25.  If the Bears start of the season strong, roster updates could lift them into a top tier Madden team.

Team: Chicago Bears

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  The Bears offense is about as balanced of an offense as you will see in Madden 15.  They don’t have any 1 player that you can key in on which will make it hard for opposing defenses to get stops against them.

Defensive Strategy: Bend but don’t break.  The Bears defense can be an interception machine if you give them the opportunity to.  Let your opponent pick up small gains.  Eventually he will get frustrated and try to beat you deep and that is when you can start getting interceptions.

Strengths: Big and talented wide receivers.  Everyone knows that big talented receivers dominate in Madden.  The Bears have 2 very good ones in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.  Martellus Bennett at tight end is another threat that defenses will have to worry about

Weaknesses: Safeties.  In order to have good safeties in Madden, you need high speed and hit power ratings.  The Bears safeties get the job done in the actual NFL, but unfortunately, they aren’t very good in Madden.

Impact Players: QB Jay Cutler, HB Matt Forte, WR Brandon Marshall, WR Alshon Jeffrey, TE Martellus Bennett, LE Lamarr Houston, RE Jared Allen, MLB D.J. Williams, LOLB Lance Briggs, CB Charles Tillman, CB Tim Jennings, CB Kyle Fuller

Key Newcomers: CB Kyle Fuller, DT Ego Ferguson, DT Will Sutton, HB Ka’Deem Carey, RE Jared Allen, LE Lamarr Houston, MLB D.J. Williams,

Additional Remarks: The Bears will be a tough team to play against in Madden 15, although they may not be a team you see too much of online.

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  1. Regarding Chicago Bears team rating. How is Jared Allen rated a 85 in the 2015 madden… When last year he was rated a 89 overall with a career of 11.5 sacks last year… Thats ridiculous man how his rated pluged when he a great year… Allen rating should put another 1.0 or 1.5 rating to the teams over all rating.

  2. I don’t think that EA has a resident Bears fan in house. The first red flag that appears is the statement “Defensive Strategy: Bend but don’t break.”. While this may have been true a year or two ago, with the departure of Lovie Smith and the acquisition of Mel Tucker as defensive coordinator, the defensive strategy is completely different this year. The team has made a point to emphasize that this year Tucker will be utilizing his own system, rather than trying to run Lovie’s like last year.

    The next red flag is ” The Bears safeties get the job done very well in the actual NFL,”. This wasn’t even close to true last year. Chris Conte and Major Wright combined for two of the bottom four safety performances in the NFL. We likely have an unproven rookie in Brock Vereen starting at FS if Conte doesnt make it back from offseason surgery in time, and if Mundy doesn’t hold up health wise, our Strong Safety is Adrian Wilson after recovering from an injury that is usually career killing.

    You did not do your research, and that is disheartening. If you ever need an actual Bears fan’s input, hit me up. Otherwise keep serving up outdated information to your readers.

    1. Appreciate the comments Chris! It really helps to get a Bears fans input on things.

  3. It really is odd to see the Defense (9) rated higher than the offense (8). I realize the Defense had some injuries last year, but it seems kind of insane when the team was ranked 8th in Total Offense last year and 30th in Total Defense. Just saying.

  4. I don’t see how the bears are still rated 84 as the offense is exactly the same. All 11 starters are returning. This is one of the most potent and balanced offences in the NFL. The defense has been totally remade. With new d line like Willie young Lamar Huston and jarred Allen the bears will be a lot meaner in the pass rush game. With Radcliff healthy this year and pea coming back along with the rookies ego and Sutton the bears should win at the line a good amount of time. The problem will be our linebackers while lance Briggs is a beast John bostic and newly transitioned sea mcleanin looked rough in the first preseason game. Our safety ratings should have went up this year with the addition of Adrian Wilson Ryan Mundy Brock Vereen MD Jennings the bears will find a mid tier safety combination. With all that said the bears should be rated more like an 86 as opposed to the 84 they where rated last year. And just for the record green bay rated 88 might be a point or two too high. But that could be the bears fan talking

  5. i think the bears should be rated higher