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Madden 25 Baltimore Ravens Team Breakdown

madden 25 ravens

Today we start our series of breaking down all 32 teams in Madden NFL 25.  Who better to start with than the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens?  The information discussed below is only as it relates to Madden 25.  We will include some players who aren’t very good on Sundays but are awesome in Madden and we will leave out some beasts in the NFL that don’t make much of an impact in Madden.

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Offensive Strategy: Balanced.  Traditionally, the Ravens have been a team that has a game managing QB and a dominant running back.  This year the Raven’s have good Madden receivers as well as a good running back and quarterback allowing you to run a balanced offense.

Defensive Strategy: 3-4 Blitz Heavy.  With Elvis Dummervil and Terrell Suggs coming off the edge, you would be stupid not to use the Ravens defense to bring pressure.

Impact Players: QB Joe Flacco, HB Ray Rice, WR Torrey Smith, OLB Terrell Suggs, CB Lardarius Webb, DE Haloti Ngata

Key Newcomers:  DE/OLB Elvis Dummervil, DT Chris Canty, FS Matt Elam, MLB Arthur Brown

Biggest Strength: Balance.  There are plenty of teams that are built for one style of play in Madden 25, but the Ravens are not one of those.  They have a balanced offense and an always solid defense.

Biggest Weakness: Secondary.  With Ed Reed gone, all the Ravens have in the secondary is Lardarius Webb and possibly rookie Matt Elam.  In a pass heavy game like Madden always is, you need a speedy and good secondary which the Ravens no longer have.

Rating: Very Good.  The Raven’s are absolutely a top 5 Madden team but they don’t get enough love from the people in charge of ratings to be considered elite.  If Ed Reed and Ray Lewis had stuck around for 1 more year, the Ravens would be placed in the elite Madden team category but unfortunately they fall just short this year.

We want to hear your additions, disagreements, and thoughts in the comments section below.  If we missed a player or made a mistake, let us know and we will be happy to add to our Madden 25 Ravens team breakdown.

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  1. No secondary? You are joking right? Ladarius webb, matt elam, michael huff, jimmy smith james idhegbo, and especially corey graham!! Corey should without a doubt be AT LEAST and 82 cb! He stepped up so much last year! So did osemele (our lg). He shpoulf be in the low 80s. Bernard pierce in the high 70s. Leach a 99. Flacco a 89, 90, 91. Jameel McClain 78, 79. Etc…

    1. I agree the secondary is underrated in Madden but Lardarius Webb is the only one of those guys you mentioned that will come into Madden 25 with a rating above 82ish.

      1. An 82?!? Whoo…going hard on the ratings this year ea hahaha I like that though. Madden 13 had everyone way too highly rated. But I think you guys can be a little more considerate when it comes to webb. Behind sherman and revis he is a top 5 cb.

      2. Plus, Michael Huff is a pro bowl safety who is consistent every year.

      3. If sherman and revis are high 90s. Then webb should be low 90’s, no contest. What’s flaccos, leach, rice, gradkowski, mcclain, elam, torrey and pittas overalls?

        1. We don’t have any inside information on ratings it is just the way it is that guys generally start the year with the same or lower ratings than the year before unless they sign some big contract or something like that.

          1. Then flacco must be pretty good with the contract he gor

  2. Ravens hands down are the best DEFENSE of all Time and y’all got a nerve to talk about their secondary

  3. First off let me say congrats!!!!! To the SuperBowl champions who have beaten everyone’s favorites patriots, mr. Manning’s broncos and the overrated 49ers lol haha yea that’s right we won!!!! Webb is better than Sherman who is currently using steroids and got caught but Donny Moore first care about that shame further more we also have Daryl smith 91? Maybe webb 90 no top player goes down too much when they get hurt we have a top 5 defense with the team we have so I will expect a good ratings based but even an article about madden sharing said “madden team never gets the ratings right” so fingers crossed 🙂

  4. The ravens defense should b way better than last year on madden bcuz of the fact they won the super bowl off of defense umm jimmy against crabtree twice n the redzone also with reed and lewis leaving dosent mean that they will have less of an impact on defense they will hav the best pass rush and a very fast secondary which will destroy opposing offenses also with the other noted free agents their front seven will look like the old defense with new faces as far as their ratings for the players they should b better bcuz they won the superbowl if they aren’t the best team on madden its a shame

  5. Jimmy Smith will b a probowler this year!

  6. Madden have loss they mind our d backs really for whatever

  7. I just downloaded the demo. I looked at our player stats and ratings. The Ravens defense looks real good. With the right modified roster adjustments the Ravens will be top 3 defensive squads on Madden 25!!!!!!