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Madden 23 franchise abilities

Madden 23: How Superstar Ability Slots In Franchise Mode Have Been Reworked

One of the biggest changes to Madden 23’s franchise mode is how elite players will have significantly more options when it comes to superstar abilities.

In previous Madden games, these superstar abilities worked on a tier system. Superstar players at every position would have 2 available slots (except X-Factor QBs who had up to 5 slots).

The first slot was easier to unlock only needing an overall rating as low as 70, while the 2nd slot was a little harder to unlock needing an overall rating of 85.

Each of these slots contained abilities that were exclusively available to that specific slot. Usually the first superstar slot contained abilities that were a little less effective, while the abilities in the 2nd slot were generally more effective.

So even if you had a 99 overall superstar player, he would be limited to having 1 tier 1 ability and 1 tier 2 ability.

This is changing in Madden 23. As long as you meet the required ratings thresholds for an ability, you can equip that ability in any slot.

You can equip what was traditionally a tier 2 ability in your first slot. Or what was traditionally a tier 1 ability in your 2nd slot.

This change allows much more flexibility and freedom with your ability combinations than you could have before.

With the rise of the importance of abilities over traditional ratings, it also makes truly elite players much more effective in games than lower rated superstars.

One thing to note with this change is that different superstar abilities will have their requirement thresholds raised. Some of the best abilities in the game might now require a player to have a 90 or 95 overall rating in a specific archetype, while others will still unlock as low as 70 overall.

What do you think about this change? Sound off in the comments section!

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1 year ago

This is super fantastic. Honestly means I’ll be more willing to play with a wider range of players, particularly quarterbacks.