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Madden 22 Man Defense Beater: Singleback Wing Flex Close – PA Cross Country

Man to man defense is still extremely common in Madden 22. In this tip, we are going over one way to beat it with 3 different routes on the same play.

Check it out below!

Madden 22 Man Defense Beater: Singleback Wing Flex Close - PA Cross Country

Madden 22 strategy guides

Playbook: Los Angeles Rams

Formation: Singleback Wing Flex Close

Play: PA Cross Country


  1. Hot route your X/square receiver to a drag route
  2. Hot route one of your tight ends to a streak route
  3. Hot route your running back to an out route to the left


  1. Your first read is always the X/square receiver on the drag route
  2. If he is covered, then look to the B/circle receiver deep on the crossing route
  3. Your last read is the running back on the out route to the left

Overview: This play is especially good against any sort of man to man coverage including Cover 2 man, Cover 1, and Cover 0. If you make your reads right though, it can also do a decent job against zone defenses as well.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.

This is how the final play art should look.

You can see as the play develops that all 3 of our reads are in the process of getting open.

We choose to hit the crossing route and pick up a solid 25 yards and a first down.

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2 years ago

this also works for the 49 play is called “PA cross country”

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