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Madden 21 player lock

Madden 21: Using Player Lock To Confuse Your Opponent In Franchise Mode

One of the coolest little known tricks in franchise mode is the player lock feature. For the most part, it isn’t all that effective but when you mix it in at just the right time, it can really leave your opponent confused.

N0te: This can only be done in franchise mode (online and offline), so if you are trying this in Ultimate Team or regular head to head it will not work.

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Player Lock Tip

On passing plays, you can player lock onto any of your skill position players: Quarterback, running back, tight end, or wide receiver.

On running plays, you can player lock onto any player on offense including offensive line.

To lock onto a player, just scroll over and highlight the player you want to lock onto for the play and then click the left stick down (L3) twice.

To unlock from a player, push the left stick down twice again.

Once the ball is snapped, you will not be able to get off that player and will be stuck on him until the play ends.

Take this technique into your franchise and give it a try!

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Danny Cleary
Danny Cleary
3 years ago

I’m a new player to Madden and I have been pretty trash at offense. Any tips, tricks, glitchy plays with the Washington Football Team?

3 years ago
Reply to  Danny Cleary

no i don’t use the washington football team

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