Special teams is an often overlooked part of Madden but if you can turn a field goal into a touchdown at a crucial point in the game, you will have a huge advantage.

In this tip, we are going over a way to get a huge chunk of yards (or a 2 point conversion) using a fake field goal.

Madden School Unlimited

Playbook: Any

Formation: Special Teams Field Goal

Play: Fake FG Sprint Out Pass


  1. Just have a fast quarterback in at the holder spot. The escape artist ability is preferable but not required.


  1. If your opponent has a flat zone defender on the left then throw it to the Y/triangle receiver

Overview: Use this play once or twice a game when your opponent least expects it. If your opponent calls FG Safe Man, it will stop it so you can’t be predictable with this play. Only use it when you need it.

To sub in a fast quarterback in the fg holder spot, just scroll over to the Special Teams Fg formation, click R1/RB and then scroll over to the holder and put your fastest quarterback in.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.

We want to make sure our opponent is in some sort of field goal block before we snap the ball. If he isn’t, just audible to a regular field goal.

We have the right look from the defense so we know we are good to run the play and our quarterback immediately gets the corner.

We get 5 yards downfield before any defender is even in sight.

Madden 21 Special Teams Tip Fake FG Sprint Out Pass

This play results in about a 20 yard gain. It will get more if you have an escape artist quarterback in.

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