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Madden 21 Gun Tight Money Play

Madden 21 Money Play: Gun Tight – Slot Post

In this tip, we are going over a play from the Gun Tight formation that we use to beat every coverage in Madden 21.

This is an excellent play to mix into your scheme just because there is so much going on that your opponent has to be aware of.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Washington Football Team

Formation: Gun Tight

Play: Slot Post (Flipped)


  1. Put the A/X receiver on a slant
  2. Put the X/Square receiver on a drag
  3. Put the B/Circle receiver on a streak


  1. Our first read is the quick throw to either A/X on a slant, or X/Square on the drag as hot reads
  2. Our second and primary read on this play is the slot post (Y/Triangle). This will beat man and zone, and we can either throw it early out of the break or wait until late toward the sideline

Overview: I prefer to run the Tight formation flipped so I can have more speed at my main position in the slot, as I feel the regular TE spot is the main read on many plays. Use your best WR at the left slot WR position and have him run the post.

Route running is the priority in Gun Tight for me, and speed is not imperative as in the breakdown I showed the concept with the Steelers (no elite WRs and all 91 speed).

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