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Madden 21 Red Zone Money Play: Gun Empty Trey – Stick

Passing when you get inside the red zone can be extremely difficult in Madden 21. In today’s free Madden 21 tip we are introducing the newest member of the Madden School team, Mighty Quinn, who is going to walk you through a really easy play to score near the goal line.

This tip is filmed and designed for current gen systems; XBOX One and PlayStation 4.

Check it out below!

Playbook: Dallas Cowboys

Formation: Gun Empty Trey

Play: Stick

Setup: None Required


  1. The first read on this play is your Y/triangle receiver in the middle of the field. If it is zone it will be smart to bullet and pass lead him to the left so that your quarterback can fit the throw .
  2. Your other read is the A/X tight end on either the hitch or the out route.

Overview: This play is effective in the redzone because it is an easy two route read that you can make pre snap or right when you snap the ball. The Y/triangle route is really good against man coverage and can be left wide open in some zones.

If that is covered your A/X tight end has an option route that will either be a hitch or an out route depending on the defense. It does a great job at finding the hole in the defense which makes your decision and throw easy.

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