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Madden 21 MUT Best Physical Chemistry

In today’s film room tip, we are going over the best physical chemistry in the Ultimate Team.

In the past, many people would choose the sprinter chemistry but we are recommending Brawler this year.

Stickwork walks you through it below!

Putting Brawler on all possible players in MUT


  1. Upgrade the player to where they unlock a physical chemistry slot
  2. Put the chemistry “Brawler” on the player
  3. Do this to all of the players you can so you can get a speed advantage

Overview: The physical chemistry Brawler is the best physical chem to use as of right now. This is because it will increase your speed and will not bring as many attributes down as “sprinter” does.

However, this is expensive to do so it is recommended that you put Brawler on your fastest players first or the players that you want to get a speed boost.

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