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Madden 21: Gun Trips TE Flex – HB Angle

In today’s Madden 21 tip, we are going over a play from the Gun Trips Flex TE formation that destroys man to man defense and also does a good job against zone defenses.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Madden School Unlimited

Playbook: Miami Dolphins

Formation: Gun Trips TE Flex

Play: HB Angle


  1. Put the Y/Triangle receiver on a drag route


  1. Our first read is the alert hole shot to X/Square vs cover 2
  2. The second read is looking over the middle of the field and reading a high low between Y/Triangle on the drag and the HB on the angle route
  3. The third read is B/Circle on the speed out route

Overview: The angle route out of this formation is much more effective than the hot-routed angle route with the QB/HB hot route ability. It angles more up the field and gets much better separation vs man, as well as finds the perfect hole vs the zone.

We additionally have a great angled streak route which is an incredible route against cover 2 and allows us to have an easy hole shot. Finally, the speed out route is a great option vs man and high passed vs zone.

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