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Madden 21: Gun Spread Y-Flex – Circle

Every Madden player needs a few zone beaters as a part of his offensive scheme. In this tip, we are going over a play that gets multiple options open against every common zone coverage in Madden 21.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: Gun Spread Y-Flex

Play: Circle


  1. Put the Y/triangle receiver on a hitch route


  1. Your first read is the running back out of the backfield
  2. Next look for the Y/triangle receiver on his hitch route
  3. Your third read is the X/square receiver early on the crossing route
  4. Your fourth read is the B/circle receiver on his deep out route
  5. The final read is the X/square receiver late on the sideline after rolling out

Overview: This play is great zone defense beater. It attacks all parts of the field with short and deep routes.

Remember to double team the defensive end that is opposite of the crossing route to make it easier to roll out to that side. Escape artist on your quarterback is recommended, but not necessary.

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