Madden 20 will implemented a tweak to the pump fake system. This year you will be allowed to pump fake to a specific receiver. In previous Madden games, you could pump fake by pressing the left stick down, although it was very rarely used since it took a lot of time and didn’t help you in any way.

The new pump fake mechanic in Madden 20 can be triggered by a double tap on the icon of the receiver you wish to pump fake toward. For example, if you want to pump fake to your “B” receiver on XBOX One, you would quickly tap the B button twice. This will cause your quarterback to pump fake to that specific receiver.


This would normally be somewhat irrelevant news. However, this year the defense will no longer ignore the pump fake as they have done in the past. In Madden 20, you will be able to “Fake out” defenders.

We don’t yet have any details as to how effective the pump fake will be outside of that. The system is likely still being tweaked to avoid any sort of in-game exploits and to maintain competitive balance, but it is something to keep track of as we head into the Madden 20 season.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is if the pump fake is a specific ability tied to Superstar and X-Factor players or if it can be done with any quarterback in the game.

One additional piece of news related to the pump fake system is that there will be an all new ability in Madden 20 to make no look passes. Madden 20’s cover athlete, Patrick Mahomes, will possess that ability.


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