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Andrew Luck M20 Tribute Item MUT 20

Madden 20 Ultimate Team Released Andrew Luck Tribute Item

New items are dropping nearly everyday in Madden Ultimate Team. However, unplanned, unique player items are dropped on occasion. Madden 20 honored Andrew Luck by releasing a special M20 Tribute item in Ultimate Team. MUT 20 dropped the new Andrew Luck player item after the Colts QB suddenly announced his retirement from the NFL. 

The overall rating for Luck’s M20 Tribute item is whopping 92. That’s one of the highest rated quaterback items available in Ultimate Team next to Kurt Warner’s 93 overall item. The main reason behind the popularity of this item is that it is a limited time item, and it was only available until 10 am and expired this morning (8/29).  

MUT developers will typically place an expiration date and a limited time label on various, highly rated special edition items that are randomly dropped throughout the season.

Currently, you’ll be hard pressed to even find this item for sale in the various auction houses. Ultimate Team competitors aren’t selling this item, which makes plenty of sense given he’s instantly one of the highest rated players available in MUT 20. 

The market for the M20 Tribute Andrew Luck topped out at around 1.7 million coins in the various Madden Ultimate Team marketplaces across the PS4, PC and Xbox One before the item is no longer available in packs. That means the price is likely to go even higher across the different markets because of the fixed supply of Luck’s Tribute item. 

When it comes to the QB specific ratings, the Andrew Luck M20 Tribute item is consistent across the board. Luck’s THP is rated an 88 with his SAC a 94. His MAC and DAC are both a 90. That matches Luck’s 90 throw on the run and play action ratings.

Luck can run with the ball if need be, too. Luck’s SPD is an 82 and his ACC is an 84, which ends up making him a handful to deal with given he can scramble outside the pocket and then make accurate throws to receivers. Be prepared to play your best defense if you come across another Ultimate Team user with the M20 Tribute Andrew Luck item.

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