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Madden 20: Gun Doubles Offset – Shark HB Wheel

In today’s Madden School tip, we are going over a way to take a shot deep against cover 3 defenses in Madden 20.

Check it out below.

Madden 20 Gun Doubles Offset - Shark HB Wheel

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Gun Doubles Offset

Play: Shark HB Wheel


  1. Put the X/Square receiver on a smart routed out route
  2. Max Protect


  1. The main read on this play is the B/O receiver deep to the left
  2. The check down is the Y/Triangle receiver on the drag route

Overview: This is a Cover 3 bomb play, the out route by the X/Square receiver will hold down the corner back allowing the B/O receiver to get behind the coverage for a huge gain. Max Protecting will help you get the time you need to throw this deep pass.

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