In today’s Madden School tip, we are going over a really effective play from an always popular formation, Gun Bunch.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Detroit Lions

Formation: Gun Bunch

Play: Post Corner Read


  1. Put the X/Square receiver on a drag
  2. Put the A/X Tight end on a streak
  3. Block the running back


  1. The main read on this play is the B/O receiver deep to the right
  2. If that is not there look for the X/Square receiver on the drag
  3. Then look for the RB/R1 receiver on the Post
  4. Finally, find the A/X Tight end on the streak

Overview: This play is highly difficult for the opponent to cover. This is because the opponent’s user has to be in multiple places at once to stop this play. The B/O receiver’s route is going to get behind the zone coverage, then the drag and post combo is great to attack the middle of the field.