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Madden 20 sets sales record

Madden 20 Becomes A Global Favorite

Madden NFL 20 has officially become one of the world’s most popular and top selling video games. The recent release of Madden 20 set both digital and foreign sales records, and that’s an all-time record for the entire Madden franchise. According to the latest data from Europe, Middle East, Australia and Africa, or the EMEAA, sales charts, Madden 20 came in at number 10.

That is an incredible accomplishment for not only the Madden franchise, but for the NFL in general. This means that the title also has many fans in countries that aren’t typically known as football (NFL football) loving countries. Madden 20 also set new franchise records for digital sales and digital pre-orders. Another sign that the game is growing in popularity.

Madden 20 and its recent surge in popularity could be accredited to several factors such as a rise in worldwide interest of the sport itself, but it could also be due to the way the game has evolved and adapted over the past few years. With the addition of the popular Frostbite game engine, the introduction of new game modes such as Longshot and Longshot 2 over the last two titles and then the perfection of the Ultimate Team game mode, new fans of the game in the US, and everywhere else for that matter, are clearly drawn to EA’s NFL Madden games.

What are your thoughts on the recent spike in the game’s popularity? Do you have any thoughts regarding Madden 20 that you’d like to share with the Madden School community? As always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.

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