For decades EA Sports has allowed you to set your depth chart only 1 way.  You put your top player at each position in the first slot on your depth chart and he is the guy who plays unless he is tired or you manually sub him out.

That approach generally works 75% of the time but there are a lot of situations where it just isn’t appropriate.  One that immediately comes to mind is 3rd and short where the situation would obviously call for a strong running back to come in and get that yard you need.


In the past, you would have needed to use a package like “Spell HB” or manually sub your favorite big running back in.  In Madden 19, you will set your Power HB in the depth chart and when you are in a formation that calls for a strong HB, he will be subbed in where appropriate.

That isn’t the only situation though.  The full list of new depth chart positions includes:

  • Rush Right Defensive End
  • Rush Left Defensive End
  • Rush Defensive Tackle
  • Slot Cornerback
  • Sub Linebacker
  • Power Half Back
  • Slot Wide Receiver

Maybe you are in a Nickel or Dime formation because it is 3rd and long.  You know your opponent isn’t going to run it so you want to get your pass rushers on the field.  You can set your favorite DE who usually lines up outside to be your rush defensive tackle and a speedy backup DE to come in only in situations that call for a rush defensive end.


When it comes down to it, this will be a feature that will improve Madden 19 from previous games even if most players stop noticing it after the first few weeks.  That should always be the goal of the development team.  To put in improvements that feel natural and like they have always been there.

How do you feel about the revamped depth charts in Madden 19? Let us know in the comments below!