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Madden 19 Week 4 Roster Update Is Now Live

As week 4 has come to a close the creators and developers at EA are starting to lock in and perfect their rosters. By this point in the season, most players who have star potential have somewhat shown flashes of it during the year so far. As a result of this most of the star player (90 and above) were not effected much or at all during this update. The big movers and interesting changes are listed below. 

Danny Amendola the Miami Dolphins wide receiver continued his negative trend from week 3 dropping another overall along side of 7 awareness. He is currently listed at an 83 overall.

Kerry Hyder Jr. joined an elusive club this week but not one he wants to be in. The Lions right end dropped 5 overall down to a 72. This also included dropping 15 awareness in a weeks span. 

Matt Skura, the Baltimore Ravens center did the opposite of Hyder Jr. upgrading 5 overall and 7 awareness. He’s currency up 7 overall from the launch at 65. 

There were 4 players who were bumped up or down 4 overall and the fist includes Tim White. The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver hasn’t moved since the launch until this week where his 63 moved to a 67. 

Matt Lacosse the Denver Broncos tight end was also boosted to a 67 as he could see more snaps on a weekly basis. 

Derrick Johnson the Oakland Raiders middle linebacker was another player that hasn’t been touched until this week. The previous 80 overall dropped to a 76 overall and lost 8 awareness as well. 

Ka’imi Fairbairn kicker of the Houston Texans was moved from a 73 to a 77 after he’s kicked above 80 percent so far this year. 

One of the most impact players in the game J.J. Watt was included in the big movers but also didn’t move in overall. He dropped 1 awareness but gained 8 agility which should make him even better for the Texans. 

George Kittle was another playmaker that was effected, the 49ers TE went from 80 to 81 overall and also gained 7 agility.

Khalil Mack continues to prove that he’s one of the best players in the game and EA rewarded that moving him up to a 99 from last weeks 98. After launching at a 95 Mack could sit in the 99 category for a while as he has the bye week in week 5 and dominates everyone the Bears have played so far. 

Another elite player that was effected is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, he dropped one overall and is now a 97. This is 2 weeks in a row dropping an overall of one of the best quarterbacks in the league, one breakout performance could place him back at 99. 

Todd Gurley has been of the best running backs in the league so far for the Rams. He gained an overall up two, to 94 and also gained 2 awareness.  

This roster update was spread out pretty evenly throughout the NFL. It seemed like most of the role players were focused on so look towards your teams bench to see if any younger players got some love from EA. The trend seems to be the same, when teams play well there players will be effected positively in the updates. If they lose a game then shouldn’t you could see your team’s players dropping in the next update?

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