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Madden 19 Week 3 Roster Update Winners and Losers

Week 3 of the NFL season is now in the books and as always, it’s time for another roster update. Week 3 was full of surprises, the Browns got their first win in over 600 days, the Buffalo Bills looked like a completely different team as they crushed the Vikings. As well as the Patriots losing to the Lions in an offensive struggle. Once again the Kanas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes continued to dominate every secondary they have faced and rolled to another victory. With all this being said after an exciting week of football EA has made some changes to reflect this in the game. Some of the big movers and interesting changes are listed below:

Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers had another quality performance for Carolina and earned another 2 overall boosting him into the 90 overall category.

Larry Fitzgerald has been a true disappointment this year for the Arizona Cardinals, whether its the offensive line or quarterback struggles, the veteran receiver has yet to make the impact that he’s capable of this year. Also struggling with a minor leg injury Fitzgerald has now dropped 2 overall and is currently an 86.

New Orleans and Atlanta were involved in a shootout this weekend and EA did a good job of reflecting this as the Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley had 3 touchdowns and this boosted his overall from 78 to 80, adding another weapon for an already dangerous Falcons offense.

Danny Shelton, the Patriots defensive tackle dropped a whopping 4 overall and is now an 81 as New England struggled on both sides of the ball, falling to the Lions 26-10. Still with 95 strength, he’s a quality player in the league, but as of lately he has struggled to be an impact performer.

The Philadelphia Eagles played well enough to beat the Colts and it reflects in the roster update. They have three players in the big movers as running back Wendell Smallwood gained 2 overall and is now at 70. As well as Dallas Goedert being placed back at his original overall from the launch, which is up 2 making him a 77 overall. They were also positively effected on the defensive side of the ball as Chris Long the DE was boosted up one overall and one speed making him an 84 overall currently.

Tyler Boyd was the Bengals player of the game against the Panthers with 132 yards and a touchdown boosting his overall up two to 77 and his awareness skyrocketing up 7 and now sitting at 85. Randy Bullock the Bengals kicker was also upgraded two overall even though he missed his first field goal of the year. He is now a 77 for Cincinnati’s special teams unit. The final Bengals big mover was C.J. Uzomah, the TE had 6 receptions and a touchdown and was also lifted two overall and currently sits at 77.

For the first time this year some of the superstar players were effected by the roster update in both positive and negative ways. Khalil Mack has been in beast mode all year and gained two overall pushing him up to a 98.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t played bad but at the same time, other than the comeback against the bears hasn’t looked like himself due to the leg injury. He drops one overall and is now a 98.

Tom Brady was also dropped one overall making him a 97 due to the fact that his offense could only put up 10 against the Lions. Knowing Brady and the Patriots, they should bounce back and continue to figure things out in route to the playoffs.

The last big mover that needs to be mentioned is Earl Thomas, free safety of the Seattle Seahawks, he has played close to perfect so far this year and is up two overall making him 97 heading into the rest of the season.

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