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Madden 19 TOTW Players For Week 4

After week 4 of the NFL season has come to conclusion, we are ready to tear open a brand new set of TOTW packs. Not only did EA launch a new weeks worth of players but they added some extra incentives in week 4. Now there is a 92 overall boss included, this week it is DT Geno Atkins and this card will cost you both the offensive and defensive players of the week.

We will get into some of the attributes of this card later in the article but definitely a lot to give up for a 92 overall card. This weeks players all had standout performances and earned the right to become players on team of the week 4, the following players are listed below.

90 Category

Offensive boss 

Brandin Cooks has always been one of the fastest players on the field and the Vikings defense was made aware of this as he finished the game with 116 yards and a touchdown. The 5’10 wide receiver has been given 92 speed, 91 catching, and his route running attributes are all between 85-87. Making this WR an immediate threat no matter where he is placed on the field. (47 cap)

Defensive boss

Kevin Byard the Tennessee Titans Free Safety helped the Titans edge out an overtime win against the Eagles. He led the game in tackling, recording 11 total tackles and consistently making an impact on defense. The safety has 88 speed, 86 acceleration, and 90 zone coverage. What he lacks in speed and acceleration, he should make up for with his play recognition and technique on the field. (48 cap)

85 Category

Mitchell Trubisky, the Bears starting quarterback, has never jumped off the page to anyone until this week against the Buccaneers. Trubisky treated Tampa Bay’s defense like a high school team throwing 6 touchdowns and winning 48-10. This card isn’t bad either, 80 speed makes him decently mobile as well as 89 throw power enabling him to fit in some balls for your offense in MUT. (36 cap)

Trevor Williams the Chargers cornerback was the difference maker against the 49ers this week. With 8 total tackles and an interception nearly retuned for six points. This card is extremely quality for the cap room, 88 speed, 87 acceleration, and 86 play recognition. (29 cap)

84 Category

Jared Cook is no surprise when he’s added to this weeks TOTW, after having 8 catches alongside of 2 touchdowns it’s hard to keep him off the selections. The 6’5 TE for Oakland has 83 speed, 84 catching, paired with only 69 strength, and 59 run block. A great TE if you want to use him as a downfield threat instead of a run blocker. (37 cap)

Kyler Fackrell the Packers ROLB recorded a career high 3 sacks and helped shutout the Bills 22-0. Other than being 6’5 which could be a huge help knocking down passes entering the second and third level this card doesn’t show great attributes. 80 speed, 85 acceleration, and 79 tackle could keep Fackrell off of your defense due to his cap expense. (35 cap)

81 Category

T.J. Yeldon of the Jaguars did it all Sunday, catching a 31 yard touchdown pass and also having 52 yards on the ground helping his team smack the Jets 31-12. This card has 85 speed, 87 acceleration, and 83 agility. (24 cap)

Jarran Reed the Seahawks defensive tackle had 5 tackles and a sack as he clogged up the ground game of Arizona. The 6’3 defensive end has 86 strength and 83 tackle paired with his 61 speed. (22 cap)

80 Category

John Brown, wide receiver of the Ravens had 3 receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown. The speedy wideout proved how dangerous he is once again. With 89 speed and 87 jumping he could make his way onto some ultimate teams that need an extra playmaker. (27 cap)

Gareon Conley the Oakland Raiders corner helped beat Baker Mayfield and the Browns by returning an interception for six points. This card has 88 speed, 88 acceleration, and 85 agility. This should enable Conley to stay with a decent portion of receivers he will face. (26 cap)

78 Category

Nick Chubb went off and ripped off two 40+ yard TD runs for the Browns. If he continues to play well he could start to establish himself as one of the dominant backs in the league. For now this card has 84 speed, 86 acceleration, and 79 agility. (21 cap)

Aaron Lynch, the LOLB of the Chicago Bears helped dismantle the Buccaneers offense in week 4. He had a sack and an interception giving him good reason for this selection. This cards strong attributes are 85 acceleration and 82 power moves. Lynch also stands at 6’6 making it difficult for quarterbacks to throw over him. (31 cap)

The Colts didn’t love Keke Coutee this week as the Texans wide receiver had 11 catches and 109 yards helping them squeak out a victory 37-34. This card has 88 speed and 79 jumping. (24 cap)

Jayon Brown the Tennessee Titans MLB had 10 total tackles and a sack to help beat the Eagles in OT. This card features 83 speed, 84 acceleration, and 76 hit power. (24 cap)


92 Overall 

Geno Atkins the Bengals defensive tackle, always seems to wreak havoc on offensive lines and again he had 5 total tackles and a sack in the Bengals comeback win against the Falcons. This card is loaded with quality attributes. 88 tackle, 87 strength, 91 power moves, and 93 block shedding just to name a few.

This card is currently selling on the market for around 550,000 coins. The only other way to get this card is by trading in both of your bosses this week so spending the coins could be the best way to keep all 3 quality players. (47 cap)

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